Beautiful CSS Font Stacks

Designers are rejoicing over the fact that we’re no longer limited to a few “Web-safe” fonts. After all this time, we were getting a bit tired of them anyway (hence the proliferation of font-replacement solutions). Yet there are still challenges with creating nice CSS font stacks of typefaces that work well together, especially now that we have so many more choices than before.

Awesome Fontstacks to the rescue. Here you can create your own stacks from 45 fonts that are free and licensed for online use. To create a CSS font stack, just visually select your headline font, then your body text font, and then download the CSS. The service also has a growing library of font stacks that you can use as is. To top it off, each font stack has a back-up stack for those using browsers that don’t support @font-face. You can preview the default fonts with a single click. (cc)

Reference site url:

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