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Top 3 Cool Secret Mobile Phone Tricks

The ‘James Bond’ Trick

The most basic secret mobile phone trick to listen in on a conversation with a mobile phone is to leave it in a room recording. Trouble is, you never know when people will be in there talking. Also, most phones will only allow a certain amount of record time.

All you have to do is plug the earphones in and leave it in a hidden spot within the room (but in a good position where the sound will be easily picked up). By having the earphones in the phone, it will automatically answer and won’t ring or vibrate alerting others to its presence. Then, when someone is in the room you can just ring the cell phone and listen in.

Free Mobile Internet Hack

This secret mobile phone trick comes from a pair of video bloggers at In their premier episode, they showed viewers how to convert their free mobile minutes which most network plans will offer, into web data allowances. Basically, it involves setting up your own proxy using a website they specify in the guide and then changing some WAP settings on your phone.

The amount of free internet you will be able to get depends on how much free minutes you have and how well those minutes convert into data KB allowances (this will depend on what your network charges per kbKB.

Shut Down Your PC by SMS

When you have everything set up, you’ll be able to send a text message with a chosen keyword such as ‘shutdown’ to your PC. This then activates the shutdown procedure. Here’s how it works.

First, you create an easy text file with a one line command (this is specified in the video) and save it to your hard drive. Then, you set up a Kwiry account and sync it with your Email account which you have set up in Outlook Express.

A rule must then be created in Outlook Express which will detect any incoming emails with that keyword and then execute the shutdown command in the text file when it does.

By sending a text with the keyword to your Kwiry account, an identical email is sent to your own email account, thus you can shut down your PC via SMS when you’re out and about.

It’s best to choose an obscure word so a normal email doesn’t accidentally shut down your PC.

You could also use this for cueing up a video game or a program which takes a long time to load before you actually get home to your PC by choosing another application besides from the shutdown file when creating a rule.

Just a quick word of warning before I sign off: many of the claimed cell phone hacks on the internet are completely fake. When researching this article (and through some SPAM a few years back) I came across lots of bogus guides which either waste your time or potentially mess up your phone. So watch out!

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Flash Player For Mobile

Adobe has launched its new Flash Player 10.1 to mobile platform partners. The platforms getting the Flash Player include: Android, Blackberry, webOS, and future versions of Windows Phone, LiMO, Meego and Symbian. According to Adobe, Flash 10.1 for mobile has been completely redesigned from the ground up; it supports multi-touch operation, smart zooming, and accelerometer-aided device rotation. It’s been thoroughly optimized to work with “all major chip and mobile platforms;” in short, we can expect better CPU, battery, and power consumption. Finally, Adobe claims that most existing Flash content will “just work”.

Download flash player for mobile

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Mozilla Firefox Browser For Android Phones – Improved Version

Now Mozilla announced that its Firefox 4 Beta browser for Android and Maemo devices has been updated. The beta is now available in 10 languages and provides improved text rendering, reduced memory usage, and faster performance. The Android client install size was reduced by 60 percent to just 17MB, too

The latest version has a new theme, allows you to share links from the Site Menu, and undo closing a tab. Mozilla says the Android 2.2 client is 25 percent faster on its benchmarks. Hardware acceleration for zooming and scrolling, as well as support for HTML5 video, are planned for the future. Check out a video of the first Firefox 4 Beta in action on Android.

Get Firefox 4 beta on your Android phone

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BSNL 3G For 700 INR Per Month

Ever since the launch of 3G mobile services in India by the state-owned mobile companies BSNL and MTNL ahead of their private counterparts, the price-war can already be smelt in the air. BSNL has yet again(for the second time in last 2 months) slashed down its monthly rental for the Unlimited Data Plan, this time by almost 50%. Yes, you heard it right.

The effective cost of using unlimited BSNL 3G will be Rs. 700/month* (Rs. 4,200 for 6 months) from 1st November 2010. All the BSNL 3G users should also note that there is no fair usage policy applicable on this scheme so you can download/upload as much as you want.,br>

Earlier, there was a news of 3G tariff reduction in the month of September when BSNL reduced the unlimited monthly rental from Rs. 2,499/month to Rs. 1,499 and now again the BSNL has announce its 3G tariff reduction. But this rime around, in addition to the reduction in monthly rental, BSNL has also reduced the price of its Data Card.

Private telecos like DOCOMO, Airtel and Vodaphone who are on the verge of launching 3G services will surely have to keep an eagle’s eye on these cuts in the prices by existing 3G service providers. This is not going to be easy for private players after paying a huge amount of money to acquire licenses and the fact that no provider has license to operate in every circle, makes it even tough to establish themselves as a key 3G provider in India. Every 3G provider will have to make tie-ups for providing services on roaming which will again increase the cost.

It will be quite interesting to see the private providers’ answer to this brutal blow from BSNL.

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Official WordPress App For Nokia Phones

It feels great to think and transform your thoughts into words. The whole process works as a stress buster for many people like me. For this, we blog on various blogging web sites such as (for those who don’t know, blogging is the process of writing your own articles on your space provided by a certain blogging web site)., which is a popular blogging site will soon be available on OVI store and can be downloaded on Nokia phones. The wordpress app will be an official application, is an open source project and is free of cost (both download and use). So get ready all of you Nokia owners who are addicted to blogging and just can’t get enough of it.

The application was previously available only for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. The Nokia phones supported are C6, C7, N8, N97, N97 mini, X6 and a few others. The size of the app is around 0.41MB. The app supports WordPress 2.7 and can be downloaded from the OVI store.

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Make Your Mobile Apps Password Protected – Active Lock

Do you want to add password protection to SMS inbox, Contacts, Personal notes to protect your privacy. Here is a cool application that will help you to set password for any application that you like to restrict the access from your friends and family members.

Today I have found a smart application that helps you to set password for every application, even your mobile default apps like Contacts, SMS & Email Inbox, Personal notes, Setting etc. The application is called Active Lock that will set a lock code for application you wish to lock. When you install this application it will run behind the operating system and no one know that Active Lock is installed. When some one try to access the apps that you have already locked, Active Lock will ask for password to gain the access.

Default Password: 12345

Download active lock

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Free Use Tata Docomo 3G Service

For the past few days and weeks, the launch or soon to be launched 3G mobile service by several private players like Tata Docomo, Airtel, Vodaphone, etc has taken a toll over other news in the Indian Telecom sector. Tata Docomo is the first to launch the commercial 3G services amongst the private players at mid-night of November 4 i.e basically November 5 morning(the day of Diwali) onwards in Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP (West), Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra telecom circles. Other operators like Airtel, Rcom, Idea, Vodafone and Aircel who won 3G spectrums will be launching 3G only between Dec 2010-Mar 2011.

Now, the best part to see is that how do these private players compete and perform in this particular segment and take an edge over the other. Tata Docomo have raced ahead in launching 3G and surprising the industry much ahead of its peers and is all set to take the ‘first mover advantage’ by announcing a “FREE 3G for the first 7 days (Nov 5th – Nov 11th midnight) to its subscriber in all the nine Circles where it has the 3G license. This will surely help it expand its customer-base.

Introduction of MNP(postponed to November 25) at the same time will heat up the battle and make the contest more fierce and exciting. Now, we have to wait and watch as if which 3G service provider drives the countrymen crazy with its special offers. For the time being, its Tata Docomo 3G that’s making the noise.

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